Repainting Beachy Head Lighthouse

Beachy Head Lighthouse is  part of  Trinity House to view detail of the lighthouse go to www.trintylighthouse.co.uk/lighthouses/lighthouse_list/beachy_head.html

The Save the Stripes team raised funds for the repainting.

The repainting of the Beachy Head Lighthouse, was carried out by Sussex Blast Cleaning during September - October 2013

The crew carrying out the work were:

Martin Griffin: Managing Director and project director 

Paul Culyer : Works Manager

James Foran ( Seamus ) Senior Paint Technician

Dan Fox : setting up

Ian Bell : Abseiler, painter

Hugh : Abseiler, painter

Sam Trittin : Ordering supplies and general contact

John Brown : Set up and  equipment delivery

Julia Morris : Administration and Trinty House contact

Jim Bruckshaw : Pr for press 

The crew and supplies were  transported to and from the lighthouse by Excalibur Charters located at the Sovereign Harbour

The crew were : Lance Brown and Brian

© Raymond Hughes 2015